When it comes to the latest Instagram algorithm, engagement (most importantly: likes) is a massive metric used when judging the quality of an IG account.

What this means, is that the interaction with your content your followers have is just as important as the number of followers you have. For this reason alone, it is important for anyone looking to build a strong brand to focus on increasing the number of likes you can get across all of your IG content.

While some of the time-tested methods for gaining likes can be really time-consuming and even cumbersome, there are better and easier ways to gain likes now. With many tools on the market to help you get more likes and grow your brand following easily, nothing is standing in the way of you and social media dominance.

Here are a few of the top apps on the market for getting real Instagram likes to help bolster  your account credibility and quality:


This app has quickly risen to the top of the charts when it comes to gaining Instagram followers, likes, and profile quality. This app has garnered a great reputation because of its ability to give users lots and lots of active and real IG users as followers. This helps give users a reasonable and speedy increase in likes and follows which helps keep your IG protected from potential unwanted algorithm attention that can end with an account suspension or ban. Another way to increase likes for your instagram posts is to use automatic instagram likes services which are a great way to boost your Instagram presence.

Standout Features of the App

A free experience: This app is free, and uses an in-app coin system to purchase likes and follows. You can do this by signing up within the app and then following other users and liking their content. You can then use these coins to buy your likes and follows.

Quality, real followers: This app gives you likes and follows from real, active IG accounts. This helps get daily likes and follows to bolster your profile.

No passwords: All you need is your IG username, so there is no need to worry about having even more passwords to deal with.

Widely available: Available on PC, Android, and iOS, kkviral is available to all users who want to take advantage of it and upgrade their social profiles.

How the app works

This app works based on a coin system. You can gain coins by following others’ accounts, liking other people’s content, and posts within the kkviral system. Once you gain enough coins, you can then turn around and use them to purchase your own IG followers and likes to boost your online presence.

Follower Pro +

This app is one of the most powerful tools for a complete analysis of your Instagram followers, as well as a few extra features. While this app can help you gain IG likes and follows, where it sets itself apart is with its ability to give you statistical data that you can use to improve and develop your Instagram profile. It allows you to see who has followed, unfollowed, and even blocked you, as well as who is interacting with your comments.

Standout Features of the App

Known as one of the best apps out there for gaining organic likes and followers on IG, Follower Pro + has a key feature that allows you to track all of your followers gained and lost. It also has a great system for tracking the performance of all of your posts and even comments.

This app is fantastic for keeping track of all of your Instagram engagements and your audience, even allowing you to see which accounts you follow do not follow you back.

This app also has a search option and can chart your profile growth.

How the app works

With this app, you can like other people’s content and follow other accounts to gain coins. You can also purchase coins with money, by watching ads, sending user invites, and writing reviews. Once you have coins, you can use them to buy followers and likes.

Super Likes

The app Super Likes is one of the most wonderful apps for gaining IG likes, follows, and to generally brings more eyes to your brand and content. Because Super Likes is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, it is available for a wide variety of audiences. Like many of these Like-gaining apps, Super Likes functions on a system that allows you to earn free coins that you can then turn around and use to buy likes and follows. You can earn these coins within the app by watching videos, liking content, and following others. Some of the main features of this app include auto mode, and the ability to keep an eye on some of the most popular and well-trending hashtags at any given moment. This will allow you to increase your social media exposure naturally, as well.

Standout Features of the App

Likes: Like many of the Like apps, this will help you get a load of Instagram likes, followers and views.

Hashtags: Helps you discover many different hashtags to gain more views, likes, and followers on your own.

Older posts: This allows you to edit various older captions to gain more clout.

Copy/Past: This app lets you copy and paste different captions and groups of hashtags instantly from post to post.

How the app works

All you need to do is like, follow and watch other user’s content to gain coins. Then, when you have enough in-app coins, you can use them to purchase Instagram likes of your own.

Some more to consider

Followers Gallery: Professionally designed, this Like-getting app has created a wonderful community of real IG users that all participate in likes and follows. With no fake accounts or Bots, this app should help your social profile grow without fear of being banned, or losing followers when IG sweeps for bugs, bots, and inactives.

Turbo Like for Instagram: Following the old barter-system, this app is great for gaining likes and even follows from active and real Instagram users.