Since Instagram is all about photos, there is a high chance that someone you know or don’t know might be stalking you. While if someone stalks you in real life, you can become aware of that, but digital stalking is something that can be difficult to detect.

While your stalker may accidentally end up liking your pictures while viewing them and you may come to know about it, you should not take any chances and especially if you are a woman.

This is why we have decided to discuss some smartphone applications that you can use for finding who stalks your Instagram. The reason we are doing this is that Instagram doesn’t have a feature yet which tells its users about who visited their profile and saw their posts.

Why Do You Need To Find Out Who Is Stalking Your Instagram Account?

While most of the time, the intent of those visiting your profile (who aren’t your Instagram follower) is just to satisfy their curiosity about what are doing, there can be people who have malicious intent. It isn’t worth the risk if you don’t want to address this issue.

This is especially true for those who post every detail of their life on Instagram. If your stalker wants to harm you, he or she can find minute details of your life or lifestyle via your Instagram account.

Now we will tell you the best Android apps and best app store apps that you can download to find out who is stalking your Instagram account.

Best Android Apps

1.      In My Stalker

With an average rating of 4.6 from 28,500 people, In My Stalker will send you a notification when every time someone visits your Instagram profile. Moreover, you can also find which particular photos the stalker viewed. Their support team is ready to help you 24*7.

2.      My Stalker

They will provide you with a list of people who have viewed your profile or posts on Instagram. The interface is user-friendly and the app works well even if you have an old smartphone. It also has more than a hundred thousand followers.

3.      X Profile

It too is another multipurpose application. It allows you to watch hidden stories, see who blocked or unfollowed you and much more.

4.      W Profile

It will also help you to find those secret admirers. This application too has more than a hundred thousand installations.

5.      Who Stalker

Besides making you able to find who is your stalker(s), the application can also tell you about who has blocked you on Instagram and can also analyse your followers for you.

Best App Store Apps

1.      Statsy

It is a FREE application that lets you track those who stalk you, those who have unfollowed you besides giving you an in-depth analysis of the statistics associated with your followers. You can also stories of other Instagram users on it.

2.      Analytics for Instagram Pro

You can gauge the popularity of this app by the fact that it is ranked 79 in the social networking segment. While its main feature is to get hold of the analytics of one’s account, it does tell you about stalkers as well who have taken a look at your profile.

3.      Reports+ for Instagram

It is quite a powerful tool that can be used to analyse followers, people who have blocked you and get a list of viewers or your Instagram stories. You will also get a list of people who interact in any way with your profile.

4.      Insights for Instagram

The app seems to be dedicated to statistics. From analysing profile engagement with data and graphs to suggestion related to content about growing your account, it has everything. You can also add more than one account to it and it will also show you which of your posts are the one which performed the best.

5.      Unfollowers On Instagram Likes

The application claims to be the most accurate one for analysing followers on Instagram. It also has a section by the name of ‘secret admirers’ where you find if these so-called admirers are admirers or simply stalkers.


We hope that you will use one of the above-given applications to regularly check on if there is someone or a group of people who are stalking you online on Instagram. Do take necessary action of either blocking them or reporting them to the local authorities if you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Ques. Does Instagram allow users to check who viewed their profile?

Ans. No. Instagram doesn’t have this feature.

Ques. Are these apps safe to use?

Ans. Yes. They are totally safe. To be extra sure, we have only shared those applications which are available on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Ques. Should I be worried if I find out that my ex is stalking me?

Ans. It is totally up to you. You can either talk things through or notify the authorities and it isn’t worth the risk.

Ques. Will using these apps have a negative effect on the privacy of my account?

Ans. No. These apps won’t affect your Instagram account’s privacy in any way. So, there is nothing to be worried about.