The Best Apps To Check Who Stalks Your Instagram

Introduction Since Instagram is all about photos, there is a high chance that someone you know or don’t know might be stalking you. While if someone stalks you in real life, you can become aware of that, but digital stalking is something that can be difficult to detect. While your stalker may accidentally end up

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How To Turn Off Instagram Read Reciepts

Introduction Instagram is perhaps one of the best social networking applications. Its messaging facility is even cooler as it allows us to connect with our friends and loved ones. But there are some special circumstances when you don’t want the person who has messaged you to know that you have read his or her message.

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The top-10 ways to increase your Instagram followers in 2021

Over the last couple of years, Instagram has grown as a place where brands need to stand out. As a cornerstone of many top brand’s social media presence, IG has become a must-have to drive profitable traffic towards your landing page, as well as growing conversations and developing/building engagement with your specific audience. If you

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The top apps you can use to get real Instagram Likes

When it comes to the latest Instagram algorithm, engagement (most importantly: likes) is a massive metric used when judging the quality of an IG account. What this means, is that the interaction with your content your followers have is just as important as the number of followers you have. For this reason alone, it is

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How to get fast 1000 Instagram followers in 2021

It’s the dream of everyone using social media, isn’t it? Whether you are casually using Instagram or are actively trying to market yourself, your brand, or your product, the dream is all about having a massive, active following. But, getting there can be so very hard for a lot of people. If you look at

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